Netflix Now Offering Offline Downloads!

After years of requests from their customers, Netflix has finally decided to allow them to download their favourite shows and movies to their devices. This is fantastic news for everyone around the world who has data caps on their downloads and those who wish to watch their shows when travelling or away from an internet connection.

For our satellite broadband customers this is especially welcome news as on some of our tariffs we offer a “Freezone” bolt-on which will give you unlimited downloads overnight. If you’re not sure if you have this or if your tariff is eligible for free night time downloads please contact us and we’ll be able to let you know.

So, now you can download all of your shows the night before for viewing the next day and not use any of your data allowance!

(A bit of advice: don’t queue up a huge amount of shows or start a download towards the end of the night-time allowance period, if it continues downloading past the Freezone time then you will be using your data!)

Additionally, if you forget to set your downloads the night before and just can’t wait to watch that next episode of Game of Thrones you can now download it instead of streaming – using a fraction of the data you would have before with only the streaming option.

Do keep in mind that you can select a number of episodes to download at once and Netflix will queue them up and download them all while you sleep.

Right now, this new service is only available through Netflix’s Android and IOS apps. This means you’ll need to download or update the app on your device to the latest version and then you’ll see the download button for a wide range of TV shows and movies. (not everything is available for download yet but the selection that is available is a good mix of popular shows and Netflix original content)

Unfortunately, it’s not available for your desktop computer – yet. But, it will work on your tablet or smartphone which you can then connect to your TV to view your favourite shows on a bigger screen. You can read more about the specifics directly from Netflix here:

Also, please keep in mind that Netflix has set an ‘expiration date’ on your downloads so they won’t hang around on your device forever. Because of this its best to only download what you know you will watch soon, if you wait too long you won’t be able to see the download anymore and will have to redownload. You can read more information about this directly from Netflix ┬áhere:

Netflix Now Offering Offline Downloads!

Coming soon: we are running tests on our satellite system on a variety of devices and shows and will show you exactly how much data you’ll be using if you choose to download shows during the day, stay tuned!