Onsite Connectivity Solutions

Communication is key in almost every part of daily life. However, in some industries, it is a necessity to ensure large industrial sites such as construction sites and quarries are safe and run effectively.

We have had clients from many different sectors hire our services on both a permanent and temporary basis. For example, Hillhouse Quarry based in Troon had an Internet Anywhere Onsite Communications package installed in 2012.

Our team were approached by the Hillhouse Quarry management to come up with an effective communications solution for their MCM60 mobile batching plant that deploys to various different rural sites in Scotland. The need for a mobile broadband and communication system became greater when the quarry ascertained a ‘quarry management system’ that allows management and staff to detail every step of the order process online.

Alex Dunsmuir, Hillhouse Quarry’s concrete manager, said: “The satellite broadband technology not only allows us to computerise every stage of a job but also allows us to refine logistics. I can track online the progress of each job, which aggregates are in each bin on each site, and then rationalise the turnaround of bins and lorries to ensure maximise efficiency. I can also see in advance when there are opportunities to move the mobile batching plant around our sites to support a busy job.”

To say Hillhouse Quarry were a very satisfied customer would be an understatement. This is a shining example of the quality of product and service we uphold with every client. Whether it is a small B&B in the highlands or a multi-million-pound aggregate site, we dedicate the same time and care to every job.

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