Glensanda Quarry

As Europe’s largest super quarry, Glensanda sits on the south coast of the Morven Peninsula near Lochaber. Due to its remote location, this multi-million-pound site ran for years without both internet access and mobile phone coverage.

It’s hard to believe that a site such as this, with over 200 staff, landing strips for small aircraft, a processing plant and a fleet of ships, was able to run without any solid communication system in place, but after securing a large contract the management at the super quarry realised this couldn’t continue.

Despite initial reservations from Glensanda over its remote location, the Internet Anywhere team were able to install a fast, reliable broadband and communication system that allowed the quarry to run smoothly and efficiently.


When asked about the project, Internet Anywhere owner John Fitzgerald said that “this was one of the most hard-to-reach locations that we’ve been to, for sure.”

The team had to take the kit across the water, drive 2000ft up the side of the mountain before undertaking a 2 hr induction. After 15 hours, the Glensanda Super Quarry finally had satellite internet and communications.

Sites such as Glensanda are a challenge, but they are one that Internet Anywhere welcome. We don’t tire of installing satellite broadband in hard to access areas and we thrive on connecting both residential and commercial homes to the internet.


It’s quick and cheap to deploy and the performance is the same whether we’re installing in the middle of the city centre or in the most remote and hard-to-access locations in Scotland like Glensanda.

John Fitzgerald, Internet Anywhere Ltd

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