About Us

Our offices are based at Shawfarm Industrial Estate, Prestwick.  Please feel free to pop in for a chat, we’d love to see you.

At Internet Anywhere we offer end to end solutions, we supply and install a number of products and services including but not limited to:

  • Satellite Broadband

  • Telemetry – Machine-to-machine

  • Broadcasting/Live Streaming Events

  • Fly-Away Kits

  • Wi-Fi Networks

  • VPN

  • Bonding Connectivity

  • Point to Point Links

  • Wi-Fi Routers

  • Wireless Access Points(WAP’s)

  • Wi-Fi Extender

  • Data Boosters

  • Business Continuity

  • Load Balancing, Hot Failover

  • Peplink/SpeedFusion

  • Hosted VoIP

  • SIP Trunks

  • PBX / IP-PBX

  • VoIP/IP Handsets

  • Headsets

  • Network Points

  • Two way Radios

  • DMR Radio Equipment

  • 3G/4G LTE Routers

  • Mobile Repeaters

  • CCTV/IP Camera Solutions

  • Video Conferencing

  • Structured Cabling

  • Wi-Fi Routers

  • Wireless Printers

We have no limits to where we will travel so no matter how remote you are, you can count on us and we have a wide base of customers throughout Scotland and the UK.

Internet Anywhere Superhero

Your Solution

So we understand that setting up communications on a new site can be enormously frustrating, we are here to ease some of the problems often encountered.

It can take weeks for a traditional phone line to be installed, and you may end up having to pay excess construction charges. You may find the new internet connection is poor due to distance from the telephone exchange preventing you from getting the connection you need to do the job.

Well the good news is, we don’t need a phone line and neither do you!  All we require to get you up and running is a south facing wall or pole and line of sight to the Satellite, can be easily fitted to a site cabin or we can use a Non Penetrating Roof Mount with weight for ballast.

Speeds up to 22Mbps download and 6Mbps upload

We offer ‘Site Solutions’ and ‘temporary connections’ so no need for lengthy contracts.

In more remote locations there may be no mobile phone coverage, so communication is virtually impossible. Not only does that affect productivity, it’s a major safety issue too. We can help by offering you a Site Solution to suit your requirements, which may include – Satellite Broadband, Wireless Printer, VoIP, CCTV and Too Way Radios. That also means fast, reliable broadband internet enabling contact with the rest of the company, sharing plans, reports, and emails.

With Satellite Broadband, site communications can be fully functioning within 3 hours of opening

Our IP Camera Solutions let you view real-time images over the internet, and can monitor from any location that has a PC so you can keep a watchful eye on your site cabins when unattended.

We help sites become better connected, more productive, and safer if things go wrong.

We are part of the BDUK National Scheme

The Basic Broadband for all scheme is designed to give everyone in the UK fast reliable broadband from the end of 2015. If you are based in England, Scotland or Northern Ireland and have a very slow or non-existent internet connection at the moment, then you may qualify for a subsidy for satellite broadband equipment and installation.

Eligible postcodes are based on areas that will not receive a fibre connection. To check if a postcode is eligible you need to visit http://basicbroadbandchecker.culture.gov.uk

Our Customer Base

We already work with major companies like SSE, Scottish Natural Heritage, Morrison Construction, CALA Homes, McTaggart Construction, Hillhouse Quarry Group, Land Engineering and Ross-shire Engineering on Construction sites, Quarries, Wind Farms and Civil Engineering projects.  You will also find us in some of the Best Western Hotels, Cromlix & Islay House Hotel to name but a few.

Channel 4’s ground-breaking new reality TV series ‘Eden’

We worked closely with ‘Keo Films’ for 9 months on this production which is being filmed in one of the most remote locations we’ve ever worked on.

We are proud and very excited to hear that this was going to be broadcast during prime time on Channel 4.

Our internet really does work ‘ANYWHERE’!