How it Works

Connecting you through the air, meaning no ground work required.

Rather than use an underground copper/fibre network like BT, satellite broadband operates by sending and receiving your broadband signal to a satellite about 22,000 miles in space. Because the satellite sits high up in space, it can provide equal quality of coverage to every home or business in its footprint. That’s why the satellite broadband services that we offer are available across the whole of Europe.

Download and upload from dish to satellite and back again.

Most people are quite familiar with one-way satellite like Sky or Freesat television where the satellite transmits into your home. Satellite broadband receives information in much the same way ie.
Information or data is transmitted to your home by the satellite. In addition, via the satellite dish at your home, you actually transmit to the satellite (“upload”) the information that you are sending as well.

An Easy, Speedy Setup

Our Satellite broadband dishes look similar to those of Sky and are just as easy to set up.

  • We install the broadband satellite dish outside
  • We connect the dish to an indoor modem
  • Normally we add a wireless router at the same time, allowing you to enjoy your broadband throughout your home
  • You connect your computer, smartphone or tablet to make sure that you’re happy with the system
  • You’re online

Our Standard installation can take just a couple of hours and requires minimal mess and disruption. Your engineer will provide a full demonstration of your new equipment and won’t leave until you’re completely satisfied.

Add value to your Satellite Broadband system

With satellite, not only can you get broadband wherever you need it right away, but we also offer money saving VoIP (Calls over the internet) offers a high-quality telephone service that can save you hundreds of pounds on line rental and call charges. Using VoIP (voice over internet protocol), we can transfer your existing BT phone number, allow you to cancel expensive monthly line rental and offer low prices call charges.

Internet ‘Anywhere‘ offer satellite broadband to rural homes & businesses. As well as a range of solutions and temporary connections for Construction, Quarries, Engineering & Windfarms. We also cater for event organisers requiring reliable broadband connections, we have Specialised Mobile Units for Broadcasting & Outdoor events, Wi-Fi Chip and Pin machines and even solutions for Mountain Rescue & Emergency services where safety is key.

Going wireless

It is now extremely common to use broadband wirelessly. For this, you can purchase a wireless router that plugs into your broadband modem. You can then connect multiple devices including computers, tablets, smartphones and TVs, all of which can access broadband at the same time. It also means more than one person can be using the broadband service at the same time.

The more users or the larger the building means that you might need to select a more powerful wireless router or consider some other low-cost options for extending your wireless.

If you purchase your installation and wireless router from us, we will install it and make sure it is set- up properly and of course, support our hardware if required through the Technical Helpdesk.

For further information please call Angela on 01563 262200 or email