Construction Site Connectivity

Providing a reliable communication network on a construction site is a matter of health and safety; regardless of the size of the site.

Our Internet Anywhere Onsite Communication Systems are built to your specific requirements. We offer a vast range of services that can be added to your package to ensure your site is receiving optimal coverage.

Services include:


Two-way radio




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Glensanda Super Quarry

Glensanda Super Quarry, located on the south coast of the Morven Peninsula near Lochaber, has run for years without an internet connection or even mobile phone coverage.  The site operates like a mini city with more than 200 staff, a processing plant, its own landing strip for small aircraft and a fleet of ships that transport granite aggregate to customers around the world. Internet Anywhere installed a new Wi-Fi and communication system at the site in 2013.

“We are at the start of a four-year contract and we need reliable communications to allow orders to be placed quickly with suppliers. In a day,
we’ve gone from having no email and no access to our company servers or intranet, to having four lines hard-wired and wireless,” he explained.
“It’s all working well and the system is surprisingly simple”

– Paul Bird, Project Manager

Hillhouse Quarry Group

In 2016, we installed one of our tailor-made Internet Anywhere Onsite Communications systems for Hillhouse Quarry. With the capacity to produce more than 1 million tonnes of product and being one of the largest independent whinstone quarries, Hillhouse required a fast and reliable internet connection to increase productivity levels.

Hillhouse Quarry approached us to come up with a connectivity solution for their MCM60 mobile batching plant, which they deploy to a number of different sites in rural Scotland,’

– John Fitzgerald

‘The satellite broadband technology not only allows us to computerise every stage of a job but also allows us to refine logistics. I can track online the progress of each job, which aggregates are in each bin on each site, and then rationalise the turnaround of bins and lorries to ensure maximise efficiency. I can also see in advance when there are opportunities to move the mobile batching plant around our sites to support a busy job.’

– Alex Dunsmuir

Construction Site Connectivity