Events & Live Sport Broadcasts

Internet Anywhere are dedicated to providing a super-fast broadband connection where traditional means cannot. This includes rural locations such as farms, manor houses and country estates, as well as large construction sites and outdoor and indoor events.

Live Broadcasting Services

Our Internet Anywhere satellite internet systems allow you to achieve a fast and reliable wi-fi connection at live music, community and sporting events. To date, we have worked on multiple events, including:

As a result of our tailored packages, organisers have been able to stream events live to an awaiting audience on the internet, thus increasing their brand awareness and visibility.

We can also provide packages inclusive of CCTV, too-way radio and VPN to aid in the running of any event. This can help with health and safety requirements for your event and keep attendees happy with a fast reliable wi-fi connection.

For more information on our commercial connectivity packages, click here.

Internet Anywhere live broadcasting service