Residential Internet

Internet Anywhere’s Residential Satellite Internet Broadband can give you fast reliable broadband, wherever you want it… whenever you need it.

Our Satellite Broadband Service provides residential internet solutions, that can allow internet download speeds topping 22Mbps. Using a Ka-Sat Satellite Dish and a modem, our engineers can set up the internet anywhere in the country. Once installed, an IP address will be provided to you, allowing full access to the web.

As an official partner of the Government’s Basic Broadband for All Scheme, Internet Anywhere are able to offer a BDUK voucher to customers*.With this voucher, you will receive £350 to cover installation and hardware costs.

*Subject to application and approval

Residential Broadband Tariffs

Volume Boosters are available on smaller monthly data allowances. Once your 100GB per month data allowance is consumed, your service will be throttled to browsing and email only (no streaming or video) until your next month reset date.

For usage of 40MB a month, streamed content and large files are prioritised during peak hours. Usage between 40GB and 100GB is subject to traffic management. Once above 100GB, only email and internet browsing traffic is prioritised.

This tariff is not recommended for commercial use.

For more information on our tariffs, call us on 0800 668 1288

Outright Purchase – (12 Month Contract) & Contract Rental – (24 Month Lease)

Dynamic IP
Download/ Upload Data GB/m Unlimited Data
Internet Anywhere T2 5 Mbps /
1 Mbps
2 N/A
Internet Anywhere T10 22 Mbps /
6 Mbps
10 N/A
Internet Anywhere T25 22 Mbps /
6 Mbps
25 Included
Internet Anywhere T40 22 Mbps /
6 Mbps
40 Included
Internet Anywhere T40+60 22 Mbps /
6 Mbps
100 Included

Volume Boosters available from 1Gb to 100Gb. Please ask for prices.

Try our data calculator to estimate your usage

N.B  Tooway 40 + 60 is ideal satellite broadband service for very regular users and offers uncapped email and browsing.

Video, streamed content (like audio) or very large file transfers of 10 MB or over (including email attachments) are prioritised up to overall monthly usage of 40 GB, and subject to traffic management on usage between 40 GB and 100 GB, particularly during the peak hours of between 5.00 pm and midnight. Above 100 GB, only email and internet browsing traffic is prioritised.

UNLIMITED data off-peak (0.00 am [midnight] to 6.00 am local time) is included which is great for scheduling big software upgrades or downloading video.

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